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During the recovery period of the patient’s family, it sometimes seems that everything stops. A patient spends on average about a fifth of the recovery time in hospitals. And suddenly everything we were used to seems to disappear.

This reality affects the day-to-day functioning of families, there is no one to look after the children, not to mention regular cooking, cleaning the house and the parents going out for airing just in the middle of the week.

We at Hope for Life operate an amazing array of dear volunteers with big hearts who are willing to do everything and ease the ongoing burden of the patients’ families.

Mantani Tikva Chaim are in continuous contact with the families and make sure to relieve them of the physical and emotional burden they are under.

We send families cooked meals, assistance in purchasing food baskets, cake trays, nannies who look after the children at home or stay with the sick child in the hospital, cleaning the house.

And even send a voucher for a couple’s meal to the dear parents for an evening of consolidation and departure from the routine.

This activity maintains a healthy daily routine in the families’ homes during the recovery period of the sick child and provides all the support to the heroic patients and their families.

Hope for a saner life.

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