Medical advice

The Tikva Chaim association has been operating for nearly two decades and brings hope and medical and mental comfort to children and adults suffering from cancer.

The founder of the association is an expert in his field who is in contact with leading medical teams in Israel and the USA. And in many cases helps patients whose in some cases it is not possible to receive the best treatment in Israel.

Many parents turn to us to get an additional medical opinion from international experts and to hear whether it is possible to be treated differently from the treatment available to them and perhaps even save the life of their loved one

The Tikva Chaim Association is ready for these requests as well. Specialist doctors from a variety of hospitals in Israel and around the world receive the medical files and give professional medical advice free of charge to the families who worry.

In quite a few cases, the solution is found in global medical centers with specific specialization in the field of the disease. The association’s connections everywhere in the world help families to receive the best treatment including everything, full medical care at the place of treatment and the arrangement of all the surrounding essential matters.

If the treatment includes medications that are not included in the basket, we make sure to provide them as well, and spare nothing so that the patient receives the best medical treatment until full recovery.

Hope for life in every way!

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