Medication assistance

The main goal of the Tikva Chaim association is to do everything to save lives.

The main activity of the association is in the field of medical equipment and devices. We will do everything to ensure that every patient receives the medical treatment that can save his life.

In some cases the medical protocol includes very expensive medicines that are not included in the health basket and the payment for them reaches tens of thousands of shekels. Unfortunately, we have already heard of cases where patients were prevented from purchasing the drugs due to a significant lack of funding, and had to look for alternative treatment methods.

We in the hope of life know that such a thing should not happen. As soon as we heard about the cases, we mobilized with all our might to organize all the medicines that were supposed to help the patient according to the medical opinion and gave more and more patients hope for recovery and a good life.

In addition, we finance tests in patients who respond positively to the standard treatment. The purpose of the tests is to find other treatment options according to personal genetic characteristics, thus customizing the form of treatment.

Beyond the standard medical treatment, we help patients who have been injured in various places due to the medical treatment, and who need paramedical treatments to strengthen the immune system so that it will not completely collapse and lead to a significant worsening of the condition.

Hope for a stronger and healthier life.

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