The recovery period for the treated children and their families is a very turbulent time.

Sick children visit the hemato-oncology departments a lot during the recovery period. They undergo treatments, tests and audits, and more.

Oncology treatments lead to side effects that no one can expect, fever, a decrease in various body parameters, etc., any side effect needs to be urgently reviewed in the oncology department and in many cases also hospitalization for several days and even hospitalization in complete isolation due to the sensitive condition of the patients during the recovery period.

The unexpected situation undermines the mental stability of the patients.

Our way to forget as much as possible the difficult situation from the child and his family, even for a few moments, is through an experiential and rich activity for the patients and their families.

The Tikva Chaim association organizes vacations in Israel and abroad for the families of the sick, fun and enrichment evenings in interesting fields, poetry evenings and cooking workshops and parents’ days that are carefully planned down to the last detail.

When the smiles stretch across the children’s faces we realize that we succeeded. We managed to make the sick child and his family forget about the challenging situation, if only for a few hours. It’s worth everything to us.

Hope for a healthy and happy life.

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