Services and proyects

Providing medications

Providing medications, including expensive ones that are not included in the health basket. So far, medications have been provided for many cases worth thousands of shekels. Tikva LeChaim is proud to have been able to support several cases that amount to NIS 500,000 each, for which money was raised from special dedicated concerts and a large media campaign.

Donating medical devices

Some of which are quite expensive – to several pediratric oncology departments in Israeli Hospitals such as she Davidoff Center at the Rabin Medical Center/Beilinson Hospital, the Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva, the Ha’Emek Hospital in Afula, and the Bnei Zion and Rambam Hospitals in Haifa as well as to outpatient departments that Tikva LeChaim equipped with armchairs, televisions, computers, and more. Rescue organizations also benefit from the organization’s assistance. Hatzolah Dan Region received a couple of motorbikes that help their volunteers  save lives by arriving quickly at emergencies. The organization expects to provide Hatzolah with several more motorbikes in the near future.

Mobile laboratory for bone marrow testing

Other activities, with an eye on the near future. Tikva LeChaim is willing to  donate a costly mobile laboratory for bone marrow testing in the Israeli population. This kind of mobile laboratory does not yet exist but could be a big  advantage in the fight for life. Matching donors and patients is extremely costly and requires much effort. This mobile laboratory will ease this process and make  possible the gift of life.

ENG: Donate now, give hope.

Financing new positions in oncology departments

Financing new positions in oncology departments that may have resources for medicine and medical devices in their budget but not for new positions. Tikva LeChaim assists hospitals in training doctors by allowing them to specialize in pediatric oncology. In many cases, doctors have to give up their studies because of the high costs. This is why Tikva LeChaim established a special assistance program for doctors, who can apply for grants that enable them to pay for studies and support while they are not working. This specialization can be in Israel or abroad.  Doctors join the staff of a pediatric oncology department after they complete their studies. Recently, a well-known doctor received a grant that will cover three years of studies at the McGill medical institute in Montreal, Canada. The organization is working to arrange funding for additional doctors who submitted requests last month. There is a currently a need to finance a 3-year fellowship in oncology and hematology for an outstanding physician who has completed his residency with honors. It will be for a pediatric hematology–oncology department at a large hospital on the periphery that serves a population of 500,000 children in the region, who are of lower socio-economic status. The cost of supporting a 3-year fellowship is NIS 800,000 (about USD 200,000). We received an urgent request signed by the head of the pediatric hematologyoncology department. 

Summer Camps

Sending children to summer camps lets them have muchneeded happy moments. We distribute packages of sweets, toys, and school supplies that include special orthopedic briefcases when necessary, and many things to keep children entertained during their free time. We also making them happy on their birthdays, and take care of what is needed for Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebrations.
All of this is extremely important because it contributes to a child’s rapid recovery.

Distributing electronic devices

Distributing electronic devices, such as laptop computers and tablets to children in oncology wards to help them stay in touch with friends and supplement their schoolwork, as most parents cannot afford these devices.Recently, a 12-year old girl who has spent most of the last six years in the hospital had her dream become a reality when she received an advanced personal computer.

ENG: Donate now, give hope.

Arranging medical consultations

Arranging medical consultations when necessary and families cannot afford to do so themselves. Most people are not aware of the rights and benefits they are entitled to from government offices and the welfare department. In addition, the organization offers consultations for parents, who face difficult questions for the first time in their lives, expert teams of medical professionals that can help them make crucial decisions on the best treatments and medicine.

Eng: Línea de apoyo emocional

Eng: Tikvá Lechaim ofrece apoyo psicológico y emocional a los padres de niños enfermos a través de un departamento dirigido por psicólogos y trabajadores sociales que ayudan a los padres fortalecerses frente a sus hijos.

Eng: Compañía en momentos difíciles

Eng: Tikvá Lechaim brinda compañía desinteresada durante revisiones y tratamientos difíciles con el objetivo de tranquilizar a padres y niños ante lo desconocido. Este servicio es prestado por profesionales y humoristas especializados en el trato con enfermos.

ENG: Donate now, give hope.

Eng: Profesor personal

Eng: La organización activa una cadena de profesores que ayudan a los niños enfermos a completar sus estudios durante las temporadas de tratamiento así como material que les ayude a concentrarse en sus estudios y apartar su mente de la enfermedad.

Eng: Cumplir un sueño

Eng: La organización ayuda a los niños a cumplir su sueño como parte del proceso de cura: viajes al extranjero, volar en aviones especiales, excursiones… no hay límites.

Eng: תמיכה במשפחות חולים


ארגון הבריאות תקוה לחיים תומך ועוזר למשפחות חולים מעוטי יכולת אשר עקב מחלת ילדם אינם עומדים בנטל הכלכלי ולא מצליחים לעזור ליתר בני המשפחה, העזרה היא בסלי מזון, שמרטפיות, ניקיון הבית ועוד צרכים.

Eng: תקופת ההחלמה


ארגון הבריאות תקוה לחיים מארגן לילד ולמשפחתו נופש מהנה הכולל טיולים ופעילויות מעניינות ע”מ לחבר מחדש בין המשפחה.

ENG: Donate now, give hope.

Eng: יעוץ והכוונה למשפחות


ארגון הבריאות תקווה לחיים פועל בקשר מתמיד עם רופאים ומרפאות בתחום ההמוטו-אונקולוגיה מהשורה הראשונה בישראל ובנוסף מקיים קשר עם רופאים בתחום ההמוטו-אונקולוגיה לילדים בארה”ב ובאירופה וכל זאת ע”מ לתת יעוץ והכוונה למשפחות חולים כדי שילדם האהוב יקבל את הטיפול הטוב ביותר וחייו ינצלו.