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Tikva LeChaim is a non-profit organization established in 2003 that offers a wide range of services to assist children suffering from cancer as well as their families. It provides psychological, moral, and physical support to children with cancer who are fighting the battle of their lives.


Menachem C.

Founder of the Tikva L’Chaim

Tikva LeChaim is different.

Tikva LeChaim is an organization devoted to infusing life

Tikva LeChaim is an organization devoted to infusing life into children who are fighting for their lives by making them believe in their ability to overcome the illness. Cancer attacks young people, old people, children and infants. Every cancer case is a disaster for the family, but even more so when cancer attacks children, who have their whole lives ahead of them.

Tikva LeChaim offers psychological and physical support to children and their families

Especially those of lower socioeconomic status. Support is provided while the child is sick, during recovery, and before the child returns to a normal routine. Physical treatment is given in top-level departments that follow international protocols for the treatment. Psychological support not only helps children feel positive, it also shortens hospitalization and saves everybody money.

Tikva L'Chaim is different

Its wide spectrum of activities are all focused on the health and welfare of the children and their families ,assisting both directly and indirectly children suffering from cancer and medical staff in most Israeli hospitals’ pediatric oncology departments, with an average of about one hundred child patients at any time.

Tikva LeChaim is not a hospital

Although Tikva LeChaim is not a hospital, it deals with children’s cancer. It can strike in rich, poor, black, white, religious and non-religious, Jewish and non-Jewish groups. No matter the family’s background, their world collapses when a child has cancer.

Tikva LeChaim is involved in negotiations to purchase the land and/or infrastructure
for the first Mini-hotel. As soon as that stage is over, the project can get underway. The goal is to finish construction within three / two years of purchasing the land and/or the infrastructure.

Tikva LeChaim’s Flagship Project

Tikva LeChaim’s Flagship Project is the planned construction of a chain of Mini-hotels near large medical centers that treat cancer stricken children all around Israel. The mini-hotels will offer family-centered lodging and support services to patients undergoing treatment and their families who are far from home. They will include fully equipped rooms where children and both parents can rest and spend time during the day when the child is having chemotherapy treatments and even overnight between chemotherapy treatments.


This is an acute problem: children and their families cannot stay in the hospital nor can they return to their homes because they must stay near the hospital. In addition, this may take a long time.

Hundreds of families face this situation in oncology departments. Tikva  L’Chaim devotes all its efforts to children going through intensive and painful chemotherapy treatments. Leaving the hospital atmosphere improves a patient’s mood and refreshes the parents, offering them a comfortable stay where they can get on with their lives, even though they cannot be at home.
In addition to guest rooms, guesthouses will include a library, computer room, activity rooms, and study rooms with tutors who will help children make up missed schoolwork, a recreation center, a music room, and even a swimming pool. A dining room will serve guests high-quality meals, and cafeteria services will provide free food to families around the clock.

ENG: Urgent Cases

ENG: Moishi is waiting for your help

ENG: Moishi es un niño muy dulce. Con sólo medio año de vida aún no sabe qué es la vida. No puede gritar “Mamá, me duele!”.  Si no le ayudamos, el final puede ser muy triste.

Mr. Shimon Perets Z.L. visits Tikvah Lechaim

Many important people in the Israeli Government, including the President, several Ministers, and Members of Knesset, are aware of and even personally, familiar with the activities of Tikva LeChaim and their support is very important.

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