wish fulfillment

A child’s smile is worth everything to us. Beyond any smile – it is a health goal for us.

Children during the recovery period are in an extremely fragile state. To see a child during the recovery period who smiles out of all the difficult experiences he is going through is an infinite happiness. And we do everything so that our children have a high amount of smiles and joy.

Volunteers of the Tikva Chaim association take care of the sick children with great dedication, and organize rich birthday events full of gifts and treats in order to make the sweet children happy in any situation.

We make every child’s dream come true, the child expresses the wish and we do. and give moments of happiness and joy to every child.

A trip abroad, artist performances, a limousine ride, luxury gifts, tours and various surprises. Every child and his dream, every child asks for the wish that could be the last in his life.

We promise to fulfill and already see the smile on the children’s faces. A smile that lasts throughout the entire period before and after the fulfillment of the wish, and from our experience – also undoubtedly improves their health condition in the short and long term.

Hope for a happier life.

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