constant companion

After more than a decade of activity, we hope to live more and more aware of the need for personal accompaniment of patients during the recovery period from cancer and their families.

Beyond medical assistance, we offer a comprehensive support system for all patients that includes physical and mental support with leading professionals in a variety of fields.

For example, you can find on our behalf medical clowns, art therapists, and therapy professionals whose goal is to ‘lift’ the mood of all patients during the recovery period. and expect full recovery in most cases.

Many parents, spouses, family members and friends turn to us with requests whose purpose is to get the patient out of the mental isolation he has fallen into due to the difficult situation he is in, and the difficult experiences he is going through.

The Tikva Chaim association is well prepared for requests of this kind.

From the moment the request is received, the association’s volunteers give the best professional response with the utmost speed and efficiency, and do everything to be there by the patient’s side in the various areas of life that are essential for his complete health during the recovery period, thereby undoubtedly contributing to stabilizing his mental state.

Hope for a good life in any situation.

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