psychological support

The Tikva Chaim Association recognizes the importance of constant collaboration with the patients and their families.

We constantly experience the moving moments that pass through the patients and their loved ones. Absorbing the endless struggles and worries and are also there in the storm of emotions that erupts throughout the treatments and even after recovery, in the treatment corridors and in the various departments.

There are always questions. Will the treatments help? How to overcome the pain? Can gaps be reduced? How do you get back to normal? How do you learn to live with the fear of the unknown? And thousands of other questions that swirl in the mind of the patient and his relatives.

While understanding the importance of mental support, we at Hope for Life have established a mental support system of professionals specializing in mental health.

Our center is staffed by psychologists and social workers who have seen almost everything and are the ones who know how to calm down, strengthen in moments of crisis, and in addition give the powerful tools to strengthen and calm the children’s parents and even the children and the patients themselves.

The mental support line of Tikva Chaim is fully available, and provides an immediate and professional response to all patients and families, a life-saving response, literally.

Hope for a calmer life.

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