The recovery period involves a certain disconnection from everything we knew before, including the professional learning life at school. This painful reality creates a big gap that is greatly emphasized after the recovering children return to school.

Here too we made sure to find a solution. The Tikva Chaim association in cooperation with dear volunteers operates a network of mentors with experience in the field of teaching, with the aim of reducing the learning gaps already during the recovery period.

After getting to know the sick child, we attach him to a number of tutors who are experts in their field.

The tutors make an introduction to the sick child’s class plan and help him to complete his school studies as much as possible, take the tests and be an active partner as much as possible in school life.

In addition, we hope for life to provide the child with reference materials and textbooks as much as he needs, so that he can advance himself without unnecessary and exhausting delays.

The tutors cooperate fully with the educational staff, monitor the children’s progress during the recovery period and do everything to ensure that no gaps are created in the academic field as well.

Hope for a richer life.

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